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How to produce high quality fish-shaped and cup-shaped respirators? See below to find out!

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As China has achieved significant strategic results in epidemic prevention and control, people's "anxiety" about respirators has also been greatly reduced. However, respirators remained the focus of attention during the two sessions in May. After the outbreak, respirators will gradually become daily consumer goods and become household items. Respirators of different types and shapes have been enriched, providing more choices for everyone!


Qualified respirators can be produced completely only by many machines through multiple processes, such as cloth loading, nosepiece cutting, folding and pressing, edge line pressing, packaging and submission. Among them, fish-shaped and cup-shaped respirators are composed of multi-layer melt-blown fabrics, non-woven fabrics and other filter materials, and are in abnormal shape, increasing the difficulty in forming and adhesion of respirators. The welding requirements for ear loops, respiration valves and main body are higher than that of the disposable medical respirators and other common respirators.  


Based on its rich research and application experience in the field of ultrasonic welding, Conprofe Technology has launched two new products: ultrasonic welding system for fish-shaped respirators and ultrasonic welding system for cup-shaped respirators, to meet the needs of diversified respirators welding, help production of respirators and improve the production efficiency of masks.


Ultrasonic welding system for fish-shaped respirators

4 sets of fish type ultrasonic welding systems are required in total in the production process of fish-shaped respirator. For the main body knurling process and the edge knurling process, 20K continuous type ultrasonic welding system with the maximum power of 2600W is recommended; for the ear loop welding process, 20K intermittent type ultrasonic welding system with the maximum power of 2600W is recommended to improve the welding quality and production efficiency of fish-shaped respirators and meet the customer requirements for fish-shaped respirators.

【Technical Parameters】


Selection Scheme



Ultrasonic welding system for cup-shaped respirators

For the semi-automatic production line of cup type masks, 15K intermittent type ultrasonic welding system with the maximum power of 4200W is recommended for edge welding to meet the high requirements for edge welding of cup-shaped respirators to the greatest extent.

 Technical Parameters



【Selection Scheme】


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