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How to Achieve 130% Output with 30% CAPEX

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Conprofe Ultrasonic Precision Machining Center UHB-400 is the most economical solution for advanced hard-brittle materials (ceramic, sapphire, glass) and small metal parts with its ULTRASONIC spindle. Our customer has achieved 130% output with only 30% CAPEX!




In the 5G era electronic manufacturers are facing more challenges than ever!Customers are demanding higher precision, better cosmetic, shorter cycle time, and longer tool life for more complicated workpieces of more advanced materials with a smaller budget! Machining hard-brittle materials, graphite, titanium alloy, CFRP, etc has become the bottleneck for many traditional metalworking manufacturers. How can they survive the new 5G era and even capture business opportunities with a limited equipment investment budget? Conprofe Ultrasonic Precision Machining Center UHB-400 would be your best option!


After years of R&D and consolidation, Conprofe’s ultrasonic rotary machining technologies have been granted over 200 domestic and international core patents. We are the first one to realize massive application of such ultrasonic machining technologies in high volume production worldwide with many successful cases.


Both Conprofe’s 3-axis and 5-axis machining centers employ ultrasonic spindles developed with its own expertise, which enables cost-effective machining for hard-brittle materials, such as ceramics, optical glass, sapphire, composite materials, etc. in various sectors like 3C, automotive, medical, military, aerospace and aviation.


In rotary ultrasonic machining, the cutting tool is ultrasonically vibrated in the axial direction while it is fed toward the workpiece to remove material. Chipping, micro-cracking, sub-surface damages can be significantly reduced, while tool life and efficiency improve notably.



UHB-400 is the most compact model among Conprofe’s machine tools with consideration of space/rent saving. When equipped with the world’s smallest 5th axis rotary table, which is specially designed to empower UHB-400 with an option to install the zero-point quick-change pallet, the machining center can easily handle 5-axis multi-side processing with one-time workpiece clamping. Workpiece changeover time decreases, scratching and damages avoided and the yield improves. 

For different machining scenarios we offer manufacturers three spindle specifications - ISO20, HSK-25E, and HSK-32E - and two options for ATC capacities. Moreover, our strong design and manufacturing capacities enable us to provide not only professional consulting and after-sales service, but also highly customized holistic manufacturing solutions for our customers.

Besides hard-brittle material machining, UHB-400 demonstrates its high price-performance ratio also in small metal parts processing. Currently, many manufacturers use some expensive Japanese brands only working for metal tapping and drilling. Because of the high equipment purchasing cost, the production costs of small metal parts are not competitive. Apart from that, since Manufacturers need to invest in new equipment for hard-brittle material processing. In comparison UHB-400 only accounts for 30% of this brand’s equipment cost, but with the support from ultrasonic machining, it can be applied in more machining scenarios with much higher productivity -  a 30% output increase proven by our customers. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details or simply send us your workpieces for testing!


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