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SAP ERP Project Blueprint Report Meeting

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On November 13, the SAP ERP Project Blueprint Report Meeting of Conprofe Technology Group Co.,Ltd. ,was held in Guangzhou Huihua Hilton Yilin Hotel. The chairman of Conprofe Technology Group, Mr. Yan and the general manager of each subsidiary of the group, the heads of each department of the group and nearly 100 members of the SAP project team participated in the meeting.

The SAP project of Conprofe Technology Group covers 8 company with different legal persons in the group. It will be implemented and launched in Guangzhou and Shenzhen at the same time. The project implementation process includes five stages: project preparation, blueprint design, system preparation, implementation preparation, after-implementation support, and blueprint design is the basis of system configuration development, testing and implementation. Since the formal start of the project on September 15 this year, through the joint efforts of all members, the business process blueprint design has been completed on schedule.

This meeting will be chaired by the General Manager of SPRO Zeng Yuanwei. Key user representatives and external consultants of each module have carried out a comprehensive review of the more than two months work, and the blueprint documents have been reported in detail. At the meeting, chairman Yan fully affirmed everyone's efforts and achievements since the start of the project, and pointed out that blueprint design is only a stage result of the implementation of the project, all project members must carry forward the spirit of nails, continue to work hard to ensure that the SAP ERP project on schedule and smoothly.

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