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Time-saving, labor-saving, worriless! Conprofe handheld ultrasonic spot welder is launched.

The traditional welding technology mainly has the problems of welding stress and deformation, which directly affect the quality and strength of products; it has poor conductivity; it depends on flux, gas or solder, has high cost and is not environmentally friendly; sparks are generated, affecting the personal safety. Although the bonding technology has uniform stress distribution, is better than welding and riveting, reduces the weight of components, ensures the fatigue strength of the product and has strong adaptability, it needs adhesive, is affected by adhesive characteristics, and has defects of no resistance to heat, impact and aging.

What technology can achieve the best effect without affecting the performance of raw materials and the environment after welding?

01/Conprofe new product - handheld ultrasonic spot welder



The handheld ultrasonic spot welder uses the ultrasonic generator to convert 50/60Hz direct current into the high-frequency alternating current, and then inputs it to the ultrasonic transducer to generate resonance.

Mechanical resonance is transmitted to the ultrasonic welding head through the amplitude modulator, and the welding head transmits the received vibration energy to joint of the workpiece to be welded. In this area, energy is converted to heat by friction to melt the plastic. After the vibration stops, the transient pressure maintained on the workpiece makes two weldments solidified into a whole by molecular chain to realize the welding.


Why do you choose the handheld ultrasonic spot welder?

According to the operating principle, the handheld ultrasonic spot welding technology is different from the traditional welding and bonding technology, but it integrates the advantages of the two technologies, and has the advantages of high production efficiency, good welding quality and environmental protection.

Six advantages of handheld ultrasonic spot welder:

1/High production efficiency

Fast - It spends only 0.01-9.99 seconds to weld each time. It has an integrated circuit, so the power output is strong.

 2/Good welding quality

High strength - it can withstand enough tension more than 20KG but is not deformed, welding is firm, and the characteristics of raw materials can be maintained and not be affected by the process.

3/Environmentally friendly

It has low noise, is friendly to the operating environment, uses no chemical organic flux, and does not generate any harmful gases and wastes in the manufacturing process.

 4/Easy operation

It is exquisite, small and portable, simple, flexible and easy to operate.

 5/Energy conservation and emission reduction

Ultrasonic energy is precisely located and only consumed in the precise area to be welded, without excess heat generated.

 6/Cost reduction

No expensive and easily contaminated auxiliaries are required, saving materials and labor costs.

02/Application scenarios

The handheld ultrasonic spot welder can perform but welding, riveting, spot welding as well as inlaying and blank pressing process between metal and plastic parts.


By taking Conprofe New product 28K handheld ultrasonic spot welder UW28-1D-JXS as an example, it can be used for ear loops welding of mask, swimsuit, underwear, yoga suit and nylon zipper sealing, etc. with CMUT28-1D-φ8 welding head.


Conprofe handheld ultrasonic spot welder can also be used in electronic products, auto parts, textile industry, environmental protection industry, toy industry and communication equipment, such as circuit board welding of electronic products, automobile door panel welding, toy splicing and welding of communication equipment. It can be seen that the handheld ultrasonic spot welder is widely used and its development prospect cannot be ignored.